Combined approach to Heat and Buildings welcomed by ICOM

Wednesday 20th October 2021
The Industrial and Commercial Heating Equipment Association, ICOM, today welcomes the government’s multifaceted approach to decarbonisation via their Heat and Buildings Strategy.
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Steve McConnell, Director, ICOM said: 

“ICOM and its members have always backed a combined approach to tackle the Net Zero ambitions laid out.  We are pleased that government has recognised heat networks and hydrogen as the way forward for sectors that will be difficult to decarbonise with electricity. It is encouraging that the Heat and Buildings Strategy supports development of innovative and emerging technologies.” 

“The UK has real potential for hydrogen in particular, which can deliver new skilled jobs in places where the UK already has a proud industrial and energy heritage.  A hydrogen economy will strengthen energy security and give consumers a choice in how they want to protect their comfort levels as well as the planet.” 

“It is now more important than ever to work together and use every available energy vector in the push to achieve our low carbon objectives.”