Retained EU law dashboard

Monday 6th February 2023
This dashboard shows a list of retained EU laws (REUL). These are laws that the UK saved to ensure legislative continuity immediately after Brexit. In September 2021, the Government announced the review into the substance of retained EU law (REUL) to determine which departments, policy areas and sectors of the economy contain the most REUL.

In June 2022, the Government published the initial outcome of this review, which is intended to be an authoritative catalogue of REUL. Industry is invited to view this catalogue in order to understand where EU-derived legislation sits on the UK statute book and to take the opportunity to scrutinise this legislation.

Now that the UK has taken back control of it’s statute book, the Government is taking a proactive approach to update it by amending, repealing or replacing REUL that is no longer fit for the UK. This will allow creation of new pro-growth, high standards regulatory framework that gives businesses the confidence to innovate, invest and create jobs.

In terms of next steps, the government have brought forward the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill. This Bill will make it easier to amend, repeal or replace REUL to deliver the UK’s regulatory, economic and environmental priorities.  For full details click here.