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  • ACV has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance heating and hot water products for commercial and residential heating applications since 1922. 

    In the UK, we formed in 1991, providing and servicing the range of tank-in-tank products to the UK and ROI. Based in Dalgety Bay, Scotland, we supply and support ACV products across the country. 

    What makes our products different?

    • Stainless steel

    This material, which resists corrosion in the most aggressive water, has given our products an exceptional lifetime with minimal maintenance. 

    • Tank-in-tank

    The patented tank within a tank is a simple and effective concept that gives you a reliable DHW performance to match the largest of hot water demands with minimal heat loss. 

    • Excellence in hot water

    Whilst heating requirements have decreased over the years, the demands of modern life have increased the need for a reliable but at the same time economical and environmentally friendly hot water supply. 

    Our mission is to use our experience to give you the best technology for generating the hot water you need. Our motto ‘Excellence in hot water’ reflects the ambition of our team and partners to fulfil our mission and meet your expectations.