Enertek International Ltd

  • Address 1 Malmo Road, Sutton Fields, Kingston upon Hull, HU7 0YF
  • Phone 01482 877500
  • Email info@enertek.co.uk
  • Website www.enertekinternational.com
  • Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/enertek-international-698498143/
  • Enertek International Ltd is an independent engineering consultancy offering innovative, confidential and competitive services to the gas, oil and electrical appliance manufacturers. 

    The company offers a range of services including:

    • Product research
    • Product design
    • Testing and development
    • Assistance with certification
    • Computational fluid dynamics - flow and heat transfer modelling 

    The products that the company specialises in include:

    • Boilers
    • Water heaters
    • Combined heat and power
    • Air heaters
    • Heat interface Units and Cooling interface Units
    • Catering equipment
    • Gas fires and stoves 

    Enertek International’s laboratory quality system is UKAS accredited to ISO IEC EN 17025 and is equipped for testing all types of gas (Natural Gas, LPG and Hydrogen) plus oil fired appliances. 

    Enertek International are at the forefront of hydrogen appliance developments worldwide and are currently working on developing hydrogen appliances for the UK government (BEIS Hy4Heat). 

    By taking a focused project management approach and in-house expertise Enertek can develop innovative solutions in a timely manner. It has the flexibility of being able to respond and conduct work quickly and efficiently, thus reducing time to market.

     The company is based in Kingston upon Hull, employs 26 staff and was incorporated in 1988. All enquiries are welcome, please visit www.enertekinternational.com