Who are we and what do we do?

ICOM (Industrial & Commercial Heating Equipment Association) is a not-for-profit trade association, representing and promoting the interests of the non-domestic heating sector since 1933. By working closely with governments, professional bodies and associations at National and European level, our work generates tangible benefits for members and is instrumental in the development of product and installation standards.

A brief history...

ICOM began life in 1933 as the British Oil Burner Manufacturer’s Association (BOBMA), which was formed in response to competition from imported combustion equipment.

During the 1950s, BOBMA membership was widened to include oil fired boiler manufacturers and subsequently, as use of natural gas spread, manufacturers of gas burners for commercial, industrial and process use were also included. At this point the organisation became known as the British Oil and Gas Firing Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (BOGFEMA).

1974 saw the Association broadening its membership to encompass solid fuel and for the next 30 years was called the British Combustion Equipment Manufacturers Association (BCEMA).

In 2002 the terms of membership were changed to extend eligibility to designers and manufacturers of solid fuel-burning equipment as well as those involved in servicing equipment and the supply or storage of fuel.

The following year, in 2003 the Council decided to widen the remit to engage in all aspects of energy related business activities, work more closely with government, non-governmental offices, research establishments and industry trade associations towards a greener future.

Then in May 2004 the Association became the Industrial and Commercial Energy Association (ICOM).

ICOM has now, in 2021, become the Industrial and Commercial Heating Equipment Association, a name which better suits the membership group it represents.

What is the current role of ICOM?

Influence regulation

By providing services from direct technical and commercial resources to lobbying for our members' interests at UK Government and European Committees, the Association generates tangible benefits for members. This access to decision makers in Government is one of ICOM’s key strengths.

Promote industry through best practice

ICOM works closely with other trade associations to optimise our extensive influence, speaking with the combined resource of many industries. Associations sharing knowledge on industry issues of common interest provide a greater depth of expert advice to maximise our shared impact.

The Association has an active and representative membership operating within one or more product-related groups. Each group holds quarterly meetings, participating in commercial and technical discussions as well as valuable networking. When specific issues arise, working groups are formed to produce suitable documents which are presented to the relevant Government department or standards body.

Our members work together to protect and promote the industry and our work is valued at all levels as the voice of the industrial and commercial heating industry.